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chubbly-in-cockpit-logo-200.pngChubbly is very happy to offer you the following links and also hope that you will visit these suggested places on the internet. Chubbly would be more than happy to place your link here with two provisos: firstly, that the link has something to do with the business of Children's Books or book Illustration; secondly, that you are prepared to put his link on your site. If you want a link please provide the following:

1. I will need a text description of your site in no more than thirty words.
2. Send me a JPEG image of your site (or your logo) exactly 150 x 176 pixels in size. 
    (I cannot adapt any other image format or size
3. Create a link on your 'links page' to my site
   (I will send you the link descriptive text and an image by return)

If you do the above and send your site details in an email, I will certainly consider your request.

Site:  Illustrators Place

illustrators-place.jpg  Illustrator's Place - a home for professional book illustrators, we work closely with our clients, giving your book an individually crafted and unique look.The illustration is an asset that together with a well written book, will make a beautifully completed creative product, and probably most importantly of all, will always be in demand within the fantastic world of book sales and marketing. We provide a choice of ideas and an almost unlimited array of working materials to choose from including gouache, acrylics, watercolour, charcoal, oils, pastels, airbrush, coloured pencil and inks. For the client there will be no need to look any further, just contact us at Illustrator's Place and we will do the rest.
Site: Chubbly on   Facebook
   chubbly_facebook_link_pic.jpg  I am Chubbly and I designed, planned and built my very own aeroplane called 'The Flyer' which if you follow me on my great worldly adventures I will take you to many exciting places full of secrets & mysteries where we will meet many new friends.....

Site:  LightQuick  

 Lightquick are the designers for Illustrator Place's new Joomla site. We provide quality web design for local companies & organisations in Belgium, Scotland, England, Wales focussing upon businesses in South Oxfordshire, Didcot, Wallingford, Oxford, Abingdon, Reading, Henley-on-Thames and surrounding areas. We provide search engine optimisation services. We also specialise in pub web design for local Oxfordshire hostelries and some even as far away as Catterline in Scotland.Come and see our site and see our demo pages showing what we can do for you.
The Leo Media & Entertainment Group  

l  The Leo Media & Entertainment Group is a unique set-up founded by a London—based lawyer to provide efficient, confidential and lucrative film, TV and literary consultancy, legal work (in association with Fuglers Solicitors), executive production, and advice to a wide range of clients throughout the world, using our network of long-established contacts in the movie, publishing and television industries. We work internationally and welcome submissions from all around the world. We can take on a project in its entirety, or equally one or more specific aspects, as required, and are happy to work in co-operation with other entities. No reading fees are charged.
Site: AMITY Publications  
 Click here to visit Amity Publications site  AMITY Publications offer literacy enrichment through story-telling and literacy programs in schools, libraries, child care and preschool centers.  Also offers workshops for churches, organizations and small groups.  Many resources available for parents, teachers and children, to include those children with special needs such as Autism, Aspgerger's, ADD, ADHD, and other behavioral issues.  And, advertising opportunities for other authors of children's and poetry books as well as illustrators.
  Spanglish   Translations  

Spanglish Translations is a very unique company based in Valencia Spain. We are an English husband and Spanish wife team who concentrate on Translation services dedicated to British people living, retired or working here in Spain.We cover any type of translation service which you may require.


 Site:  Authors and Artists Bookshop  
   author_and_artist_bookshop.jpg  We are a non profit making virtual shop/co operative in which all authors and artists, both established and un–established, can advertise themselves, their work and anything else they have for sale or wanted. It is regularly seen by agents, publishers, galleries and the media. It is actively getting members work/commissions and sales. We also have hundreds of twitter followers which are increasing daily.



   sa_new.jpg ShakeAway is the original re-inventor of MilkShakes! With more than 150 MilkShakes made with real ingredients such as Ferrero Rocher, Maltesers, fresh Banana and Chocolate Muffin, there's something for every taste and every age. Now with over 50 ShakeAway Shops around the country, and growing fast around the world. Look out for the nearest to you. Every visit is a Fantastic experience......Chubbly the aviator Loves them!